Post Street Surgery Center offesr an internationally recognized team of surgeons with unsurpressed professional expertise

Accreditation Association of Ambulatory Health Care

Welcome to the Post Street Surgery Center

A Special Focus

Opened in the heart of the San Francisco medical district in 2001, to serve as a regional orthopedic outpatient surgery center.

At Post Street, we offer a clean and comfortable surgical experience in an elegant architectural surrounding. We are equipped to provide the highest caliber of care, combining state-of-the art equipment with an expert and friendly staff.

We emphasize pre-procedure communication with all our patients.

We offer our patients private and semi-private rooms. Our rooms have dimmed lighting and subtle relaxing music to assist in alleviating any anxiety or stress one may have during their pre- operative and post- operative stages.

We not only care about our patients but their family and friends as well. Our waiting room offers lounge seating for their comfort during your stay. We offer secure wireless internet for your families convenience. Our staff will ensure that your family and friends are taken care of and given updates on your progress during your surgery process.

"The doctor that gave me anesthesia was very pleasant and funny. He went a long way to making me feel more relaxed."

"What can I say because i dont have any words to describe their services but I just wanna say that everything is wonderful and great."

"The care for the patient, the way all processes were explained and the friendliness of the staff. Genuine concern for the patient."

"I liked the small non-institutional personable environment of the surgical center. I felt very comfortable and confident going into surgery knowing that my procedure would be performed by a close knit surgical team."

"Very highly qualified professionals, personalized attention, facilities so private and darling humor even in a terrifying moment."

"Everyone seemed happy and presented as a well working unit- I liked the staff's humor and relaxed but professional presentation. I felt like I was hanging out with my family."

"Each staff member acted like they cared for my well being and were extremely attentive. My family enjoyed their wait as well. Thanks for a great experience overall."

"The staff is well-trained. The plant itself, is well-cared for, neat and clean, as well as ascetically attractive."

"The family room has an up-to-date reading assortment for any who may choose to pass their waiting time in this fashion, while soft music is being played in the background."

Why Choose an Ambulatory Surgery Center?

ASCs are facilities for surgical patients who do not need to be admitted to the hospital. ASC patients typically arrive for admission, have surgery performed in a full-service operating room with specialized staff, recover safely and quickly from anesthesia and return home within hours of their surgery. Some procedures require patients to stay for several hours to allow nurses to monitor their recovery.

ASCs are on the cutting edge of technology, often utilizing the most current surgical innovations with the lease invasive techniques, allowing patients to return to their normal lifestyle sooner. ASCs are efficient, understanding that everyone’s time is important. Their convenient surgical flow allows you less wait time and less bureaucracy and offers patient-friendly family-centered environments.

Our surgeons own and operate our facility therefore your surgeons personally select the anesthesiologists, the nurses that take care of you and the surgical technologists that assist them in the operating room for their clinical expertise and compassionate personalities.

2299 Post Street, Suite 108, San Francisco, CA 94115 Phone: 415.923.3770 Fax: 415.923.3779

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